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Laser Show

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Virus Event Management Company is a company providing laser light shows for special events, trade shows, grand openings, holidays, conventions, corporate events, awards ceremonies, promotions, new product launches.
Lasers are one of the best ways to excite an audience and impress a group. A laser light show is one of the most effective ways to present your message during an event, organizational gathering or corporate meeting. The pencil-thin shafts of intense color are unique onto itself and provide great lighting effect to any event. Whether it is beams shooting around an arena, or larger-than-life vibrant graphic logos and animations --

lasers get the attention you want

It’s the experience that counts, Virus Event Management Company since the last few years have organized so many programs of laser show which make Company as one of the renowned laser show organisers in India. We have almost all types of laser that to fit the exact requirement of the types of events where impact of unusual visual effects and more beam effects are desired for making the event grand. We are using the Bean show, Moving Head Laser System, Indoor Laser System, Single Laser System, Multicolor Laser System, Outdoor Laser System, Graphics movies to make the events more emphatic and memorable.

We have organized laser light shows in different parts of India covering almost all the major cities of India like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and all major cities in India on several occasions. Our main areas for laser show programme are big scale public and civic events especially during the time of national holiday celebrations like 15th August or 26th January or on the occasion of other festivals; we are working with those clients who have some grand openings or other types of promotion of commodities; we welcome both Government and non-Government Institutions which organize award ceremony programs at their location; we are working for corporate theatre that includes in-house corporate meetings, promotions, product announcement, or other kinds of the internal company events. However, it depends on the nature and type of events; we decide the different configuration of laser system to be used to make the event effective.

Generally, we are using high power laser system for the large scale of the public show or outdoor shows; lower power systems are generally used for indoor events show; graphic movies are used generally for the shows like corporate theatre, trade shows and laser billboard and beam effects laser is used for the dance and party events. Besides the above, Virus Event Management Company is also providing the laser show services small theatre programme, musical shows of different moods and themes, magic shows and rock concerts; laser show required at the time of festivals and wedding functions; high-tech beam lights required for the night clubs and dance parties, movie productions, television show etc. Last but not the least, Virus Event Management Company after receiving the requests from the student community, it has decided to provide the professional services in schools, colleges and universities to make their programme a memorable, prompt and professional.


Fashion Show

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Specializing in event management, we also arrange for fashion shows. Our services include arrangements of models, decoration, and preparation of dais to various other arrangements. Over the past years, we have organized fashion shows for a large number of clients and ensure them of timely execution of the necessary tasks. The fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.

In the present assumption, every now and then we keep listening about a diversity of Indian and international fashion shows. We at Virus Event Management Company, organizes exotic varieties of fashion show according to the choice of the clients. Usually in a fashion show, models walkway on to the ramps wearing designer haute couture wardrobe to exhibit his or her forthcoming line of clothing. As a fashion show organiser, we give a chance even to the new comers who want to make their career in this vast field of fashion show to demonstrate their designs and styles aiming not only for domestic clients but also for international clients. Once they get a golden opportunity, they might be in a position to earn a name, fame and establish their foot in this glamour world of fashion. What is the benefit to give a chance to the new comers? By adopting this policy, our budget clients are more attracted to demonstrate their products to the consumers and get popularity of their brand at budget rate or reasonable rate. Secondly, those enthusiasts who want a chance to enter into this professional world, they have the best opportunity to prove themselves. We are organizing almost all types of fashion shows – local fashion show mostly held at malls, fall fashion show, model fashion show, prom fashion show, national level fashion show and international level fashion show.

The services of Virus Event Management Company in this filed of fashion show include arrangements of models, ornamentation, planning of dais to several other arrangements. Over the past few years, we have coordinated fashion shows in different parts of India for a large number of clients and assure them of timely performance of the necessary tasks. Our different fashion show like fashion concerts, swimwear fashion show, wedding fashion show,   and other types of fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.


Magical Show

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Virus Event Management Company, as a professional Event Management Company has left nothing untouched when it comes to music and entertainment even the Magic Shows with its bands of professional and renowned magicians for Corporate Launching, Corporate Parties, Promotion Events, Road Shows, Hotels, Birthday Parties, School Children, Marriages and Ceremonies and many other formal and informal magic shows for promotion and entertainment. Virus Event Management Company make magic shows a combination of both invisible commercial promotion while entertaining the masses by its Mystery, Amusement, Gallory, Illusion, Challenge which combinedly selected from the first letter of the complete word “MAGIC”.

As per the requirement of the clients, we are organizing the magic show event all over India based on different types of magic performance like stage illusions magic performed for large audiences; platform magic like night club magic, comedy club magic performed for a medium to large audience; micro-magic which is usually applied for the performance where the audience is close to the magician. The most popular type of this kind of magic show is one-on-one; Card manipulation, Coin magic, table magic etc. Children's magic for a birthday party audience; preschools, elementary schools, Sunday Schools or libraries usually comedic in nature; Mathemagic – the combination of magic and mathematics; Corporate Magical Show or Trade Show Magic for entertaining presentation of the products; Bizarre magic applies mystical, horror, fantasy and other like themes in performance; Shock magic is a genre of magic that shocks the audience, besides Indian traditional magic tricks like rope trick, Indian basket, Green Mango Mystery, Indian Cups and Ball, Indian Flying Man etc.

However, for magic shows in India, the clients have to enquire about the availability of particular magicians on that particular day or couple of days. Or take one month time before the commencement of the programme.


Stage Show

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In the arena of entertainment, stage plays an important role for attracting the masses for particular kind of action. So, the stage show simply stands for a designated space for the carrying out of staging or theatrical production. The stage assists as a place for role players or performers and a centre of attraction for the members of the audience. From architectural point of view, the feature of stage and its theme based shows may differ in its architectural design. However, stage may consist of a platform which is usually has raised level so that the audience from all corners of stage must be able to view the shows. The stage may be permanent or temporary or adjustable depends on what kinds of shows have to be performed at where and what place. But when it comes to the performance of the shows in a theatre or other building where such stage shows are held at regular interval, then permanent stage has become as one of its essential feature of such theatre or building.

Under this background of stage shows – temporary and permanent – Virus Event Management Company organizes stage shows keeping in mind the similitude of audience on the one hand and relation and applicability of the stage shows with a kind of audience on the other. Virus Event Management Company after serving the clients for so many years mastered over the stage shows for Corporate, Commercial, and Private with its entire range of operation and applicability – starting from theme based stage management to the last moment of making successful stage programme. The duration of stage shows depends on the theme provided by our client. We are organizing the stage shows across the major cities of India for various themes like Musical Stage Shows of all kinds (rock show to solo), filmy songs, Ghazal programme, Bhajan Programme, comedian stage shows, dance stage shows, stage shows for school children, stage shows for college students, stage shows during different events and much more. Besides these, Virus Event Management Company also organizes the stage shows for corporate and commercial clients for promotion of products or themes.


Road Show

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We are having many years of experience in terms of hosting Road Shows PAN India via Mobile Display Vans, Mobile Canter Activities, Canopies / Kiosks Installation, Mall Promotions, Society Promotions, Market Activations, Human Banners etc. Road shows are the best way to create a huge amount of awareness among the masses at a time of Product Launch, Brand Promotion Activities, Promotional Marketing and Sales Promotion Exercises. Our Road Show Services includes Planning, Conceptualization and Complete Execution of road shows.

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